Fake News, A-I-s-s-“Pass the Tea please”-ing

As a contributor to this blog who opts for the old school research and read method of discovering possible topics of interest, here’s one that due to the first amendment, I am so proud to say, is giving us the middle finger while all we see is an ice cream cone.  I devoted about an hour of my time “farting off” speaking aloud specific keywords, working on some specifically unimportant things on my computer, and then, ending it with a shot (of Captain Morgan…R.I.P. K.C.).  Now, please do everyone a favor and be nice.  Sheep ticks are everywhere, and these silly LOSt things are totally on top of it.  Live a hippy lifestyle as long as possible to avoid having DA sausage (no intention for threatening anyone that serves as a D.A.)

Case and add to your list of don’t click it, or you’ll get a ticket: spam sites:

Now back to your scheduled programming.





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