Atlas V Goes-R High Tech Mission (and Supercomputer Detection Technology.)

Atlas V GOES-R

One of 11 unprecedentedly equipped satellites launched to dramatically enhance the speed and depth of weather observation, forecasting and monitoring November 3rd, 2016. These satellites promise data stream upgrades that will expedite weather predictions when extreme weather approaches. That doesn’t mean an end to hurricane parties, but it will mean extra hours or more for those last minute errands, whether it is to trim dying branches, or more seriously, avoid deadly consequences through more timely evacuation notifications.


The ability to discriminate among many more predictive features using more sophosticated infared sensors, scientists will essentially be going from the Voodoo1 to the GTX 980 Ti metaphorically speaking.  They will have almost all of the advantages of the incredible image clarity for weather patterns during nightime hours as in daylight by detecting sunlight reflected by the atmosphere, clouds, and Earth’s surfaces.


Oh, and it’s also got a lightning mapper! Imagine a single real-time shot of all the sprites in an area of the world – captured! Yeah! Hope you were good this year!


R.I.P. Bremuda Triangle Mystery.



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