WHOI s…LOSt at sea?

Below us, check!…wait!!  Yes, we are departing from the usual “what’s above us” theme for a look into what’s down low.

Even Alex Trebek knows this fun fact: WHOI (hoo-ee), a private, non profit research and higher education facility, named for it’s location in Woods Hole, Massachussetts developed a research vehicle to explore the Challenger Deep. It has since imploded and is LOSt at sea.

On a less depressing note, according to a blog about the improvement of Search and Recovery with ROV’s (remotely operated vehicles), these unmanned ocean vessels are not just for exploring, or war, they are used by Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders to aid efforts to when a tragedy occurs and to collect evidence.

Soon, small, remote controlled, underwater drones equipped with a camera and metal detector will be available for civilian use, until then, use your imagination, or your rich uncle’s inheritance.



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